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Golf Shaped Silicon Toilet Brush

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Golf Toilet Brush

Perfect Toilet Brush that cleans the dirt from all corners easily, its golf-shaped head moves 360 degrees that save you time n effort. 


Why Golf Toilet Brush is Perfect?

360° Dead-end Cleaning The golf clubs are shaped to fit perfectly into every corner of the toilet, better deepened the cleaning of the gap, can go deep into pipes and grooves, reach to some dead corner.

✅ Hanging Wall Design Perforation-free and durable. Nail-free installation, strong and non-marking stickers, durable and stable, not easy to fall.Convenient for daily cleaning.

✅ Non-slip Handle The handle is ergonomic that fits in your hand perfectly, humanized handle keep away from slip and bending.

✅ Come With Hook It can be used in bathroom, kitchen, indoor, outdoor, decorations etc. The hook paste is suitable for a variety of surface paste, such as brick, glass, metal, wooden door.

✅ 90% Sweet Homes Choice


Material: PP+TPR
Product Colors: White/Blue/Black/Green
Size: 40X 7.2X 5 cm

✅ Remove Stains Thoroughly from each area where other brushes can't reach

✅ Easy to Clean with a Long-handled arm

✅ Light Weight & Friendly Size

✅ Easy to hang with a hook, put on a stand, and carry instant

✅ Waterproof & Moisture-proof, goodbye wet floor!

✅ Soft Silicon Material

✅ Rich Color Variants

✅ Used for All Purposes

360° Silicone Golf Toilet Cleaning Brush – Berrygoodchoice




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