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Non-Toxic Reusable Pet Hair Remover | Sticky Hair Clothes No More!

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Say bye  👋 to hairs on your clothes with this CRAZY product 



🐶SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIAL: Pet Hair Remover for Laundry is made of soft, sticky and 100% Non-toxic hypoallergenic materials, toxic-free and safe for kid's clothing. It can easily collect dog or cat hair, and remove any other hair, dust and debris attached to clothes so that clothing can be thoroughly cleaned.

🐶EASY TO USE: It can be used directly on clothes and also be put into the washing machine. With the operation of the machine, the pet hair remover completely absorbs the hair on the clothes, making the washing more clean and the dirt will not block the drain.

🐶MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Our pet hair remover for laundry helps remove any hair, lint, pet hair and any other debris from clothes, bedding, coats, dresses, blankets and sheets.

🐶REUSABLE: Pet Hair Remover for Laundry is non-toxic, safe and fit for children's wear. Easy to clean and can also save water, detergent and time. Rinse with water after use and dry in a cool place (avoid direct sunlight), keep it sticky.



🐈Item Name: Pet Hair Remover Brush



It can be used directly to stick the hair on clothes, pets, and it is also washed with the clothes in the washing machine. After use, it can be cleaned with water and used again, which is convenient and labor-saving.




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